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Post by CarpCharacin on 2014-11-03, 18:00

This forum was created on october 31 2014. DudeGoodman and i created it. I am not bragging but i am just telling you that i did most of the work with the theme categories and features no offense lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!

I am a more technical admin that the rest so even if i didn't help get this site online i would still be doing all the stuff like advanced profile info and stuff like that Very Happy

I have a site []here[/url] that i built by my self. I helped my friend donovan (DudeGoodman) build this site. I still help out a lot. I make about 30 to 40 changes per day on the site. This is my favorite website. I am the to poster geek

Fine enough what donovan would call "Bragging"

This site is less than a week old. Please report any bugs. I know most of the sections here are private sections but we add members to the special usergroups pretty quickly. We just do not want sammers to have the power to spam and DESTROY the special forums. This is a small forum so the current admins can handle dealing with about 1 new member per week. If you see any bugs like pictures breaking pleas report the to me. If you have any concerns with your account report it to me or DudeGoodman.
OBSESSED with carp
OBSESSED with carp

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